Please take a moment to read our company Terms and Conditions. Clients are asked to sign a copy prior to working together. 


If working with a Marketing Consultant is new for you, please take a seat to read our Terms and Conditions below and discover how easy it is to enjoy the benefits Bumble and Bloom Media provide as an extension of your marketing department or trusted advisor. 

Clients are asked to sign a copy of our terms prior to working together.


If there's anything we haven't answered for you below, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Bumble and Bloom Media operate a flexible working day policy. We manage our working time between the hours of 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday. 


We endeavour to answer work related emails and phone calls for our clients as efficiently and quickly as possible, however please be aware that we check emails at intermittent periods throughout the working day and there may be a short delay in our response. New enquiries submitted to us via email, our contact form and telephone enquiries will be responded to within 48 hours from 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. 

We reserve the right to not check, or respond to, work emails and calls outside of working hours, or pre-scheduled holidays and will reply to emails/calls when we return to work. 

Bumble and Bloom Media work remotely and as such do not have one fixed office address during working hours so may be away from our laptops for periods during the working day. During client site visits across the UK we will inform clients via our Out of Office notification on emails. 

Bank Holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, will not be taken as time off, but classed as part of our normal working hours. 



We invoice clients on the 30th of every month (or the working day before the 30th of the month should this fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday). Invoice dates will include the full monthly period (e.g. from the 1st – 31st). 

We respectfully request clients pay invoices in full within 7 working days of the invoice date (30th of the month) via bank transfer.


As a small business we rely on timely invoice payments from our clients. Late payments (after 7 working days of the 30th) will incur an additional £25 daily fee until payment is received in full. By signing our Terms and Conditions you will legally be liable for the above late payment fees should we receive your payment after 7 working days. 

Refusal to pay for our services completed will result in legal action. Bumble and Bloom Media also reserve the right to report late payments and refusal to pay to the Government's Small Business Commissioner who will act on our behalf to redeem late payments. Please be advised, if the Small Business Commissioner thinks your case is an example that could help change payment practices it might be included in a public report. (Source)



Although nothing has happened to date, accidents do, and can happen to any business so we take our clients and responsibilities very seriously. 


Bumble and Bloom Media are fully insured for up to £1,000,000 against:


  • Loss of documents in many different formats

  • Accidentally releasing confidential information about clients

  • Accidentally saying or writing something which is deemed defamatory

  • Unintentional use of third party copyrighted images, texts or designs

  • Dishonest acts of employees.

Information about your products and services used in any marketing materials and information we create for you is given to us in good faith that all information is correct, legal and up to date

All necessary precautions are taken to protect and preserve any sensitive data shared with us about your business. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information on how we collect, use and store personal data. 




As external contractors, Bumble and Bloom Media are not liable for Holiday Pay and are exempt from the minimum 28 days (4 weeks) agreement offered to employees.

We’ll always do our best to plan time off in advance and give clients as much notice as possible. Clients are not required to pay us for holidays.  

On the occasion we may need to take unplanned time off due to illness, injury or personal circumstances, we understand we have no entitlement to statutory sick pay and would not invoice you for any days missed due to planned or unplanned time off.

We’ll make sure any social media content or email marketing is scheduled to cover any time off where possible (with the exception of illness or injury leaving us unable to do so), however a member of your staff would need to be nominated to cover social media channels and any other marketing duties in our absence.



The duties we carry out for our clients and responsibilities we have committed to with you, the client, will be listed separately in our individual client contract. This contract is legally binding once signed by us, the supplier, and you, the client. 

We work with clients on a range of projects and rolling retainer contracts and so have different policies regarding contract termination for each. 


Our Four "Menu" Packages (Afternoon Tea, Pick and Mix, Picnic and Dinner Party) are all subject to individual minimum purchase periods.

Please take a moment to read these carefully: 


  •  To terminate contracts for projects lasting only one calendar month, you, the client, or Bumble and Bloom Media should do so in writing within 48 hours after the contract is signed as part of your cooling off period. After this time, you, the client or Bumble and Bloom Media will be liable to complete and/or pay for the services we were set to provide in your contract. 

  • In order to terminate retainer work lasting three months, you, the client, or Bumble and Bloom Media should do so in writing within 28 days after the contract is signed as part of your cooling off period. After this time, you, the client or Bumble and Bloom Media will be liable to complete and/or pay for the services we provide for the remainder of the contract. 

  • In order to terminate rolling contracts with no specified end date (i.e rolling contracts after the minimum period of 3 months, you, the client, or Bumble and Bloom Media should do so in writing giving us a minimum of 3 months notice. Clients can choose to pay us for our services for the three months notice period, or choose to pay a fee upfront (valid from the notice date given in writing) totalling 3 months' wages as detailed in our legally binding contract. 

    Please note: our termination policies are non-negotiable and legally binding as part of our contract together. Having these processes in place protect us as a small business to pay our team and overheads as well as establish fair working practices for us as a service provider. 

Bumble and Bloom Media reserve the right to take on additional projects as a legally trading business that are not a direct conflict of interest and will not impact on our ability to carry out this work to the best of our ability.


Please be advised Bumble and Bloom Media do not undertake speculative projects which involve for free or below our hourly rate. We are happy to negotiate rates on retainer work of 3 months of more only. 

We reserve the right to refer to you as a client in any relevant marketing communications (e.g. on our website or brand social media accounts). Please see our Privacy Policy for details on what personal data we will collect, use and store to do so. 

In order for us to carry out this work to the best of the ability, it is essential we are kept up to date via email or phone correspondence of any changes to prices, activities and policies and sent relevant images and videos of the park regularly to be able to do our job. This is yours, the clients' responsibility. 

For rolling retainer contracts, Bumble and Bloom Media will schedule a 6-month review of all activities to ensure all parties are happy with their workload and all duties expected of them falls within their skills remit.

In accordance with the GDPR, we are permitted to process data (e.g. collect, use, store), so long as the process meets the requirements of the GDPR and is on a lawful basis. There are many ways in which you can lawfully process site visitors' data - consent is one of six lawful bases for processing personal information under the GDPR and is the one which we follow.

Having a written contract with us, your contractor ties in with your contract obligations under the GDPR. 

For more information regarding our GDPR Compliance please refer to the Bumble and Bloom Media and GDPR Compliance section in our Privacy Policy. 


Bumble and Bloom Media follow the The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) which sits alongside the Data Protection Act and the GDPR, giving you specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communications and assurance that we are a trustworthy and responsible service. 

There are specific rules we follow for our own marketing purposes and when planning and/or consulting on marketing strategies for clients. This covers all advertising or promotional material including: 

  • marketing calls, emails, texts and faxes

  • cookies (and similar technologies)

  • keeping communications services secure

  • customer privacy as regards traffic and location data, line identification, and directory listings 

Please be aware that you, the client, and us (the provider) are both responsible for complying with PECR. Even if someone else actually makes the calls or sends the messages, you, the client are still responsible as you are ‘instigating’ those calls or messages.

Further guidance on the PECR can be found on the ICO's website here

We reserve the right to update our Terms and Conditions at any time and will inform current contracted clients in writing of any changes.


If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions please contact chloe@bumbleandbloommedia.co.uk.


Clients will be asked to sign a document prior to working with us to confirm their understanding our our Terms and Conditions. If there is anything you require further clarification of, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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