The main mistake business owners make before (or during) enlisting help and support from a marketing professional is not knowing what parts of marketing they need that will drive the most value for their brand and how much that will cost.


We are often asked by clients what the best (fastest) way is to grow a social media following and passionate community. Needing hundreds of followers is quickly replaced by needing thousands, then tens of thousands. Once you have an audience of 150k+ you’re made… right?


Bumble and Bloom Media have managed client accounts with millions of followers and accounts with under 1000. The bigger you get, the more unsolicited comments, the weird spam bots, the followers who profess to love you and suddenly you become responsible for their happiness…

There is another reason why continuous growth is untenable and it has a lot to do with algorithms. It’s impossible for everyone who follows you to see your content when you want them to, or at all. The old adage rings true whether you have 100 million followers or 100: out of sight, out of mind.

If you’re a brand today, you’re on social media in some way, shape or form. How many brands have an active, thriving social media presence and how many are just sort of there?

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How much should I spend on marketing?

What would making progress look like for you?

Progress for you might be content planning and sticking to it? Progress for you might be actually sharing those blog posts you never publish? Progress for you might be to conduct a keyword analysis for SEO?

To give you a real life example, when we notice a clients’ keywords are falling off Page 1 ranking on Google, I know it’s time to update their content, add a video or new photo to their homepage or tweak a headline on their website to make progress.

Why? This is a practical tactic that helps to push their content back up in the search engine’s results pages (SERPs for short).

Progress for you today might be to actually start doing one or more of these things and not just adopting a whack-a-mole approach and wondering why you don’t seem to be seeing much progress.

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Why continuous growth
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Some brands have blockbuster budgets, but the principles they use to stay present on social media (or media of their choice) are largely the same: engagement.

“How much should I spend on my marketing?” is another question we get asked a lot.

It might surprise you to hear that we don’t know the answer. Instead, we reply that a more realistic one would be: "how much is a customer worth to you?" or better still, “do you have any money to spend on your marketing?”

A more useful goal for social media marketing would be something like “let’s seek to increase our Twitter response rate by 25% by the end of the first quarter” because it’s measurable and ideally achievable.


Above all, it seeks to promote engagement. When your goal is to gain more, more, more, MORE followers, you’re essentially filling a bucket with a hole in the bottom because your new followers will likely be on a time limit of how long they’ll be shown your content by various algorithms and the engagement opportunities will be poor.

How accessible is your marketing?

Accessibility in marketing is about making it easy for everyone to experience your marketing, receive and understand your communication, and have the opportunity to invest in or become a fan of your product, service or brand.

Just because someone is blind, deaf or has any other accessibility or additional learning needs doesn’t mean they can be our customer. So why do we only market to those who can read or hear?

Let's market a fairer, more accessible world and workplaces. Let's market the changes you're making that protect and preserve people and the planet. 

Contact us with an outline of your current challenges, goals and opportunities you would like support with and we'll help you get there. 


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